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The Hyper Raman Effect: A New Method for Vibrational Mode Classification

Raman spectroscopy has been used by scientists for years. One of the significant advancements in this field is hyper Raman spectroscopy. Such spectroscopy provides information on molecules that is not possible with traditional Raman spectroscopy. What is Raman spectroscopy? Raman spectroscopy is a type of vibrational spectroscopy that relies on Raman scattering to deduce the...


The Applications of Raman Spectroscopy in Nanotechnology

Modern Raman spectroscopy is a very actively developing area in physics, chemical sciences, and biological and biomedical applications. This type of spectroscopy can be successfully used for studying nanostructures and its applications. In the early twentieth century, while swimming in the Mediterranean Sea aboard S.S. Narkunda from England to India, C.V. Raman pondered: “Why is...


Infrared Spectroscopy Types and Their Applications for Chemical Reaction Monitoring

The fast and cost-effective technique called Infrared (IR) spectroscopy is well recognized for the characterization of a wide range of materials. Infrared spectroscopy can provide conclusive information about samples, and it is ideally suited to both qualitative analysis of materials and quantification of components. The IR region of the spectrum is generally split into three...


Cancer Detection in Human Tissue Samples using Fiber Optic Probes

Optical fiber spectroscopy enables to develop fiber optic equipment for oncology. It can be used for differentiation of cancer and normal tissue by in-vitro and ex-vivo methods. In the future, it is planned to use such fiber optic equipment in-vivo. The main challenge for cancer specialists is to select the most sensitive, specific, and accurate...


Fiber Optic Probes for Material Science

Optromix fiber optic probes for process spectroscopy are based on coherent bundle design and provide the best coupling efficiency with spectrometers, light emitters (LED, lasers, lamps, etc.), and media of spectral analysis to investigate its reflectance, fluorescence or absorption spectra. Process spectrometers based on Optromix fiber probes are relied upon by professionals around the world...