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Fiber Optic Cables in Thawing Arctic

Sea cables have been an important method of global communication since the mid-19th century. The advent of fiber optic products in the 1990s made modern sea cabling more critical. Today this fiber optic network comprises some one million kilometers in total and carries almost all data transfers. According to a recent report, fiber optic network...


Rheology-Raman Spectroscopy for Tracking Polymer Crystallization

Rheology is a well-established area of study for a wide range of materials. Such analytical technique of choice in studying polymers can correlate the absolute flow and deformation characteristics of a specific product, in a relation to its behavior towards a particular application or processing step. This science is defined as the study of flow...


Status and Future Trends in Fiber Optic Cables

The fiber cable is an incredible invention that has revolutionized the information age. The most important factor driving the fiber optic cable market growth is rapidly growing internet traffic worldwide. With increasing proliferation of mobile devices, a number of internet users are on the rapid rise since the past few years. The global fiber optic...


Fiber Optic Products for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

Nowadays fiber optic transmission is increasingly finding widespread use. Fiber optic products have the advantages of long transmission distances, in addition to an attractive data rate, noise immunity, small size and a light weight. Network-centric models send sensor and payload information to ground-control stations, satellites, and remote terminals. A fiber optic communication system consists of...