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What Laser Sources are Best Suited for Creating High-Quality Raman Systems?

Nowadays Raman spectroscopy has become a cost-efficient and much-appreciated tool with applications in material science and in-line process control for pharmaceutical, food & beverage, chemical and agricultural industries. For instance, Raman probes and based on them Raman systems are used across the whole value chain in the pharmaceutical industry. High-resolution Raman microscopes help researchers in...


Raman Spectroscopy Technique Measures Blood Glucose Levels As Effectively As a Finger Prick Test

The researchers from the University of Missouri School of Medicine and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology recently evaluated the accuracy of an MIT-developed technology to monitor blood glucose levels without needles or a finger prick. Early results show that the noninvasive technology measures blood glucose levels as effectively as a finger prick test. Raman spectroscopy...


Fiber Optic Probes for Monitoring Polymer Production Process

Polymers have excellent chemical resistance, strength, and elasticity, but such properties can hinder their chemical analysis. The quality control techniques used for measuring additive levels in polymers may vary, depending on the physical and chemical properties of them. Even slight differences in the process parameters can cause large variations in the characteristics of polymer products...


Chalcogenide and Silver-Halide Single-Mode Fibers for Modal Filtering within the European DARWIN Mission

The DARWIN mission should allow to study the new extrasolar planets and to discover potential traces of primitive life around 2025. Today employed methods in the search for exoplanets are indirect: the planets are detected by observing and measuring the movements which they impose on their central star; the planets are detected by the effects...