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Absolutely new fiber optic probe for Deep Neuronal Imaging

It is undoubted that at the present time the most widespread used device in modern spectroscopy is fiber probes. It turns out that their flexibility and user-friendliness made fiber optic probes the perfect solution for monitoring real-time kinetic reactions, analyzing different samples, sampling in-vivo difficult. Initially, the most common fiber probe types included reflectance probes...


Using Spectroscopy in Advanced Gem Testing

Nowadays the gem market is increasingly employing photonics technologies to meet the demands of the fine jewelry and gem industry. This is due to the fact that the technology used to produce synthetic gemstones makes it difficult for the gem market to identify treatments applied to stones. Also, it’s difficult to identify and classify natural...


Portable Raman Spectroscopy in Archeology

Portable Raman Spectroscopy is a very useful tool for studying archeological sites, enabling in situ analysis and thus reducing the impact of these kinds on key cultural sites. With a reduction in the size of the Raman spectrometer, there has been an increase in the usage of Raman spectroscopy for archeological investigations. The portability enables...


The Most Promising Types of Fiber Optic Probes for Broad Spectral Range In-line Analysis

Fiber probes have become one of the most widespread tools in modern spectroscopy thanks to their flexibility and user-friendliness. Fiber optic probes are the ideal solution for monitoring real-time kinetic reactions, analyzing large or awkwardly shaped samples, sampling in vivo difficult. There are four types of the most common fiber optic probes: Reflectance probes These...