The Most Promising Types of Fiber Optic Probes for Broad Spectral Range In-line Analysis

Fiber probes have become one of the most widespread tools in modern spectroscopy thanks to their flexibility and user-friendliness. Fiber optic probes are the ideal solution for monitoring real-time kinetic reactions, analyzing large or awkwardly shaped samples, sampling in vivo difficult. There are four types of the most common fiber optic probes:

  • Reflectance probes

These probes are the most basic fiber optic probes. The reflectance probe has a bifurcated fiber where the bundled or distal end is placed in a metal sheath rather than in a SMA connector. The bifurcated end can be connected to a light source. To increase the spectral range over which the reflection data is collected, reflectance probes can also be scaled up to trifurcated and quadfurcated designs.

  • Dark field reflectance probes

A dark-field illumination can be employed if the sample cannot be measured at a 45º angle, such as when working in a production or field setting.

  • Transflectance dip probes

Reflection probes can be used to measure liquids, even though they are primarily designed to measure solids. A fiber dip probe is similar to a reflection probe in design, although special effort is taken to guarantee that it is inert and liquid tight. the main functional difference is the presence of a cavity, which fills with the liquid sample when immersed. A dark-field reflectance probe configuration can also be used to make transflectance measurements.

  • Raman probes

Such probes are used to measure the inelastic scattering of light off of a sample. A Raman probe must have the capacity to direct and focus the monochromatic excitation source (typically a fiber laser) to the sample, collecting the scattered light and then directing it to the spectrometer. The Raman probe is an ideal example of how fiber optics can be coupled with other optical components.

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