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Optical fibers for aerospace industry withstand the harsh environment

Now it is difficult to imagine modern technologies and devices without using optical fibers that became an integral part of our life. The fiber applications include reaction monitoring, biomedicine, and biotechnology, IR-Fiber pyrometry, laser technology, spectroscopy, IR radiation delivery, thermosensing, IR-imaging, etc. Moreover, optical fiber systems are widely used in the aerospace sphere. It should...


Novel optical needle probe saves human lives

Modern medicine does not stand still; it uses numerous technologies and devices. Nowadays it is possible to manage diseases that have been impossible to cure before. Also the process of surgery is safer now because scientists are able to examine every part of human body except the one – human brain. Brain remains the main...


Advanced air-filled fiber bundle allows making endoscopes smaller

Recently researchers from the USA have created a totally new type of air-filled optical fiber bundle that could highly change medical endoscopes that are used for minimally invasive surgeries or bronchoscopies. Moreover, the advanced fiber bundle creates new wavelengths for endoscopy that will be useful for diagnostics. These infrared wavelengths are able to produce images...


Complete information about FTIR Spectroscopy

At the present time Fourier transform IR (FTIR) spectroscopy plays an important role in the medical area, because it allows examining biological samples with the aim of neurological and other diseases studying. FTIR spectroscopy is a universal technique for more extensive biological system research because of the interaction of molecules in the universe with IR...