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Portable spectrometers open absolutely new applications for process spectroscopy

At the present time process spectroscopy is a universal technique that allows making research in different fields of scientific analyses. Until quite recently the spectroscopy was limited by only laboratory conditions because of huge sizes of used spectrometers. That is why a group of researchers has developed a portable, hand-held type of spectrometers for process...


The advantages of Raman spectroscopy in the life sciences

Raman spectroscopy is a relatively new technique that allows studying different low-frequency vibrational modes in molecular systems. Now, this type of process spectroscopy finds numerous new fields of applications, especially, in the life sciences due to optical filters that are included in the Raman system. Comparing to Fourier transform infrared or FTIR spectroscopy that examines...


The future of fiber optics

The Internet is an integral part of human life. Nowadays it is impossible to imagine how people could work, communicate, learn new information and watch online films being in own home without the network. Nevertheless, not all people know that fast data transmission is the result of the optical fiber cable using. The fiber optic...


The discovery of material’s true nature by nano-FTIR spectroscopy

Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy or FTIR spectroscopy is the most widely used tool for analysis of different materials, herewith, it has numerous fields of applications such as medicine, biology, chemistry, and even geology. Apart from analyzing chemical matter, traditional FTIR spectroscopy is able to define: crystallinity; molecular orientation; stress and strain of a material; free-carrier concentration....