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Oil industry application of optical fibers

It is well-known fact that nowadays optical fibers are used everywhere, and very often it requires that they could maintain harsh environmental conditions. That is the reason why it is highly necessary to develop optical fiber systems, especially for land and undersea oil industry application, as most of them rely considerably on the temperature sensing...


Medical fiber optics market review

Fiber optics is not a new technology and is commonly used in numerous fields of application, especially, in the medical sphere. The principle of fiber optic technology operation is based on the use of special fibers that are able to transmit radiation from one place to another. Herewith, optical fibers represent strands that are made...


IR spectroscopy and anticancer drug

Cancer is the most mysterious disease of the 21st century. It appears suddenly, develops very fast involving more and more cells in human organs.  The most interesting thing is that many people who do not have any risk factors get cancer and other people who have many of them don’t. That is why scientists exert...