IR spectroscopy and anticancer drug

Cancer is the most mysterious disease of the 21st century. It appears suddenly, develops very fast involving more and more cells in human organs.  The most interesting thing is that many people who do not have any risk factors get cancer and other people who have many of them don’t. That is why scientists exert their best efforts trying to create an anticancer drug and their attempts are successful.

Recently the use of IR spectroscopy has allowed scientists to find how a platinum-based chemotherapy drug candidate functions when activated by light. The fact is the anticancer drug is not active and non-toxic in the dark but its combination with process spectroscopy can be useful for cancerous area treatment because the method works only during directed light.

Thus, the anticancer drug candidate was tested with the help of additive attenuated total reflection Fourier transform infrared (ATR-FTIR), transient electronic absorption, and UV/Vis spectroscopy. To be precise, researchers from the UK could detect the metal and the molecules released from the compound using the process spectroscopy.

They used IR light shining on the inorganic-metal compound in the lab with the aim of measurement of molecule vibrations. It appeared that some organic ligands that were held to the compound metal atoms were removed by water, while other ligands stayed stable.

It should be mentioned that the main goal of the experiment is a better understanding of light-activated chemotherapy process that will allow passing to clinical trial. Moreover, this experiment is the ideal demonstration of the power of vibrational spectroscopic techniques combined with modern computing technology to show how the particular photoactive chemotherapeutic agent operates.

Also, the results will be quite useful for future more selective and efficient cancer treatment. Nevertheless, it is necessary for scientists to understand the principle of cancer cells killing. They confirm that IR spectroscopy will allow demonstrating a totally new way of anticancer drug attack.

Today the main part of cancer patients experience chemotherapy treatment by a platinum-based compound. However, the treatment has toxic side effects because it affects not only cancerous but also healthy cells. And this method of IR spectroscopy and chemotherapy combination will improve the situation with cancer therapy that allows saving numerous human lives.

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