Medical fiber optics market review

Fiber optics is not a new technology and is commonly used in numerous fields of application, especially, in the medical sphere. The principle of fiber optic technology operation is based on the use of special fibers that are able to transmit radiation from one place to another.

Herewith, optical fibers represent strands that are made of glass or plastic materials, and they are highly effective for radiation transmission to observe or illuminate different objects. For example, biomedical sensors with optical fibers allow finding the following physical and chemical parameters of the object: pressure, temperature, blood flow, bile, pH, and oxygen.

Medical application of fiber optic technology includes the employing of optical fibers in the endoscopy systems, imaging, illumination, laser delivery systems, and biosensors. Also, such fiber optics as laser systems, surgical lights, and dental lights are often used for specialized applications.

Moreover, biomedical optical sensors have a lot of advantages for organs/cells observation and illumination such as:

  • small size;
  • low weight;
  • biocompatibility with MRI and CT.

It should be mentioned that the optical fiber sensors consist of a light source, photodetector, optical fiber, and external transducer. These fiber sensors are ideally fit for drug discovery, disease diagnosis, and pathology. The bright example of the optical sensors is glucometers.

Now patients give their priority to minimally invasive surgeries because of benefits offered by the same over traditional open surgical approach, for example, a significant low postoperative pain, decreased recovery time, and reduced hospital stays. That is why the medical fiber optics market continues to grow due to minimally invasive robotic surgery, optical fiber lasers, and disease detection by fiber sensors.

The most important thing is that minimally invasive robotic surgeries provoke the growth of the market because they require the use of advanced endoscopes, laser guiding systems, and optical visualization systems and the tendency will remain over the forecast period.

Despite the demand, most of the medical tools that use fiber optic technology are installed once and used repetitively. Probably, in the future, this fact will restrain the growth of the global medical fiber optics market while nowadays it is expected that North America and Europe demonstrate essential growth in the medical fiber market to 2026.

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