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Fiber-optic probes detect the tissue deformation

It is a well-known fact that surgeons are able to differentiate diseased from healthy tissue by touching firmness of a small cancerous lump. Nevertheless, it is now impossible to record such qualitative and subjective tactile data, although biomedical specialists are working under the development of such a device. Recently, a group of biomedical scientists from...


Raman spectroscopy saves human lives

Raman spectroscopy is an often applied technique that could be used almost in every area. Nowadays a group of researchers from the USA finds a new use of process spectroscopy that will be able to detect signatures of radiation resistance in people who have tumors. Recently, the American researchers have proved the possibility of Raman...


The noise in optical cables increases data capacity

Usually, specialists are trying to get rid of noise in optical cable data links. Nevertheless, recently researchers from Switzerland found out that it is possible to use the noise with the aim of increasing the capacity of fiber-optic cable to transmit and store the information. The thing is that increasing the capacity of fiber-optic cables...


Fiber optic technology helps to develop a car of the future

Engineers from a very famous company of modern technologies Apple have designed a car of the future that has a unique interior lighting system including fiber optic-based components. Moreover, these fiber optic components are able to be almost invisible when not in use. Apart from headlights and indicators, the optical lighting system usually offers its...


Medical application of optical fibers: a detailed review

The optical fiber is an elongated thread made of glass or transparent plastic. At first glance, this is a quite simple system, but in practice, it has a number of serious problems that limit fiber optic application. The first problem is a signal attenuation in fiber optic lines. Actually, the solution is known for a...