Fiber optic technology helps to develop a car of the future

Engineers from a very famous company of modern technologies Apple have designed a car of the future that has a unique interior lighting system including fiber optic-based components. Moreover, these fiber optic components are able to be almost invisible when not in use.

Apart from headlights and indicators, the optical lighting system usually offers its users with the ability to see in dark environmental conditions. Nevertheless, the members of Apple consider that optical fiber technology will greatly improve the existing lighting system.

It should be also mentioned that usually conventional systems are visible to users, even if they are not emitting light, the novel fiber optic system could become an aesthetically appealing element of the vehicle. In addition, the optical fiber lighting does not evoke problems with the illumination, for example, making some objects invisible, as it is in traditional lighting versions.

Thus, Apple company suggested changing a bulb and LED-based lighting by optical fiber systems. Apple also presented the list of fiber optic application to transmit light and data to users, to create complicated shapes and items that allow illumination of an area, have a pleasant view and provide the necessary information about elements they should know about.

The new system requires the creation of optical fiber loops, and then the light will be transmitted between a self-contained loop and an optical fiber without a conventional coupling technology, as well as simply creating the loop using the fiber cable. Herewith, the system of optical fibers will be installed between layers of transparent and translucent polymers, effectively hiding the optical fibers from view when they are not in use, as well as hiding sections of the optical fiber or other components that Apple doesn’t want users to see.

Fiber optic technology has numerous benefits that include:

  • greater bandwidth and faster speed;
  • low cost;
  • thinner and light-weighted;
  • higher carrying capacity;
  • less signal degradation;
  • light signals;
  • long lifespan.

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