The noise in optical cables increases data capacity

Usually, specialists are trying to get rid of noise in optical cable data links. Nevertheless, recently researchers from Switzerland found out that it is possible to use the noise with the aim of increasing the capacity of fiber-optic cable to transmit and store the information.

The thing is that increasing the capacity of fiber-optic cables might become real thanks to the use of a part of the signal that is generally considered to be substandard. This substandard component is noise, and optical noise is commonly regarded as something that should be avoided because it spoils the precise data interpretation.

Nonetheless, today the researchers confirm that, in fact, the unused part of the signal from the optical cable could have a potential fiber application that lies in holding the information, and moreover, the capacity allows this information to be decoded.

The principle of operation is based on the information that is encoded in the coherent noise between spatially separated light waves. Thus, the new fiber-optic coding technology enables to improve the transmission of fiber optics. Herewith, optical fibers have other additional benefits that include:

  • high bandwidth capacity;
  • limited data dispersion and external interference;
  • fast transmission speed;
  • numerous fields of application;
  • low cost;
  • compact size.

Also, the scientists explain that the noise from fiber-optic cables provokes the appearance of correlations that have different strength. It should be noted that strong correlations cause visibly apparent interference and those weak ones create the patterns to wash out.

Thus,  the researchers demonstrated their idea that aimed at the possibility to generalize the principle of strong and weak correlations of waves from optical cables and to use it to encode the decoded information. Moreover, scientists noted additional subsidiary advantages that would be quite efficient for future users.

One of these advantages is security. The fact is that scientists confirm that not only do they increase the capacity of fiber optics due to noise channels, but the attempt of intrusions would be highly obvious. The second advantage is low cost because the channel does not require additional resources, for example, coherent laser light, and the fiber optic technology is cheaper than the traditional one.

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