Raman spectroscopy saves human lives

Raman spectroscopy is an often applied technique that could be used almost in every area. Nowadays a group of researchers from the USA finds a new use of process spectroscopy that will be able to detect signatures of radiation resistance in people who have tumors.

Recently, the American researchers have proved the possibility of Raman spectroscopy to find tumor formations that have responsiveness to radiotherapy, thus, it is possible to open a new way for simple, cost-effective patient stratification. Also, the experiment showed that the Raman technique would allow reducing patient burden in cases of presence of radiotherapy-resistant tumors.

It should be noted that Raman spectroscopy is considered to be a label-free, non-ionizing spectroscopic technology that tests laser light frequency backscattered from an irradiated sample. Herewith, the spectra include molecular fingerprints that are very sensitive to rotational and vibrational molecular movements in tissue, and consequently, they are able to identify biophysical changes in the tumor microenvironment.

Compared to previous researches, this study involves a comparison of numerous kinds of cancer. Herein, the researchers confirm that their technique of Raman spectroscopy has a promising application not only to measure treatment effectiveness but also as a possible mean of predicting tumor response.

Moreover, the technology of Raman spectroscopy offers numerous benefits that include:

  1. Possibility to identify chemical composition and structure of materials.
  2. Non-contacting and non-destructive method.
  3. No need for sample preparation.
  4. Flexible control of sample amount.
  5. Visible process spectroscopy due to transparent containers/windows.
  6. Sensitiveness to tiny changes.
  7. Possible analysis of a sample in a water solution.
  8. Raman spectrometer uses light for its operation.
  9. High resolution of the technology.
  10. Possibility to combine Raman spectroscopy with other techniques.

Finally, the researchers have shown that the developed technology of Raman spectroscopy offers a quite effective method to examine radiotherapy efficiency, as well as determine patients most likely to benefit from the treatment.

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