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Space application of optical fibers

Optical fiber is a universal material that can be used in numerous fields of application, for example, in medicine, data transmission, laser systems, biotechnology, etc.  Nowadays a group of researchers offers their new high-performance optical fiber that can be employed on board International Space Station. The fact is recently the members of the International Space station...


Optical fibers provide stronger cybersecurity

A team of scientists from  Singapore introduces a way to advance quantum key distribution over optical fiber networks. They use complex networks of fiber optics transmitting data information beneath cities. Thus, scientists present a fiber optic technology that allows a pair of light particles to navigate the fiber networks, consequently, making cybersecurity stronger. The scientists...


Raman spectroscopy for safe brain biopsy

The technology of Raman spectroscopy becomes a common tool in the medical sphere, especially, in surgery where precise manipulations are required. In addition, nowadays the process of Raman spectroscopy is an ideal solution for making human brain biopsy that is a highly accurate procedure, and one wrong move can cause irreparable consequences. It should be...


Optical fiber system reveals the quantum properties of photons and atoms

This month a group of Japanese researchers has developed an optical fiber coupled-cavities quantum electrodynamics system that is one meter long. Thus, traditional fiber optics seamlessly and coherently connect two nanofiber cavity-QED systems. This fiber system consists of an optical resonator with photons and atoms that interact with each other in a quantum mechanical manner....