Optical fiber system reveals the quantum properties of photons and atoms

This month a group of Japanese researchers has developed an optical fiber coupled-cavities quantum electrodynamics system that is one meter long. Thus, traditional fiber optics seamlessly and coherently connect two nanofiber cavity-QED systems.

This fiber system consists of an optical resonator with photons and atoms that interact with each other in a quantum mechanical manner. The main aim of the optical fiber is the possibility for the researchers to understand and operate the quantum qualities of photons and atoms.

Moreover, the combination of multiple cavity-QED optical systems and coherent ones allows using it for quantum computation. Since reversible coupling between each system is required, the research team made the fiber system containing two nanofiber cavity-QED systems connected to each other by fiber manner.

The principle of operation is based on the interaction of numerous atoms with the cavity field with the help of nanofiber optics. It should be mentioned that the ends of nanofibers are linked to conventional optical fibers through pointed parts and sandwiched by a pair of fiber Bragg grating mirrors.

Thus, numerous resonators are connected with minimal losses thanks to the use of additional traditional fiber optics, creating the coherent, coupled dynamics of the two nanofiber cavity-QED systems. Also, the fiber system has allowed researchers for the first time to see a reversible interaction between atoms and delocalized photons separated by distances of up to two meters.

The fiber optics applications include numerous areas, such as reaction monitoring, biomedicine, and biotechnology, IR-Fiber pyrometry, laser technology, spectroscopy, IR radiation delivery, thermosensing, IR-imaging, and others due to its benefits:

  • greater bandwidth and faster speed;
  • low cost;
  • thinner and light-weighted;
  • higher carrying capacity;
  • less signal degradation;
  • light signals;
  • long lifespan.

In addition, the developed fiber system opens new possibilities for the study of many-body physics, for example, the collective behavior of interacting particles in large numbers. Nevertheless, now the development requires some improvement but is still highly promising.

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