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Fiber optic sensors for strain monitoring in real-time

Today the problem of the efficiency and safety improvement in different fields of optical fiber application, for example,  in aerospace, civil engineering, transportation, oil and gas, renewable energy, and medicine. Thus, the researchers from NASA’s research center demonstrate a new lightweight, reliable fiber optic sensing system that is considered to be the main advancement in...


Imaging process spectroscopy for remote sensing

A group of researchers from Rice University develops a compact, optical fiber-based imaging process spectroscopy device that allows making remote sensing. The process spectrometer, called the Tunable Light-Guide Image Processing Snapshot Spectrometer (TuLIPSS), offers high spatial resolution and big amount of spectral data that can be transmitted to a detector immediately. Moreover, the process spectroscopy...


Short information about Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy

Diffuse reflectance infrared Fourier transform spectroscopy or DRIFTS is a technology that allows collecting and analyzing scattered IR energy. This process spectroscopy is highly applied for the measurement of fine and powder particles, nevertheless, it can be used for rough surface measurement as well. One of the advantages of diffuse reflectance spectroscopy is its simplicity...


Minimally invasive bioimaging by fiber optic bundles

Usually, the application of fiber bundles in microendoscopy is limited to the process of 2D imaging. The main reason is the problem of tunable focusing on fiber-optics because of size restrictions. Nevertheless, now it is possible to pass the limit, thus, a traditional fiber bundle allows extracting the information from the optical data, opening up...