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Raman spectroscopy for graphene materials

Raman spectroscopy technique is a universal tool to detect and characterize the chemical and physical properties of graphene-based materials. Raman spectroscopy allows getting the information about graphene structures with the aim of fundamental research and for practical device fabrication.  Thus, it is possible to see the first- and second-order modes in intrinsic graphene as well...


Tiny fiber optic probes detect damages in lungs

Researchers developed novel optical fiber probe that is thinner than a human hair, however, the fiber optic system includes 19 fiber sensors that allow measuring changes in pH and oxygen in the lungs. Thus, the flexible fiber optic probes ensure rapid and precise measurements that are ideal for the process of deep body sensing to...


Fiber optic IR imaging makes medical diagnostics faster

A group of researchers from Denmark is developing a new fiber optic imaging system that applies frequency conversion to shift an entire mid-infrared process imaging into the near-infrared wavelength range while saving the spatial data information. The fiber IR imaging is considered to find the potential application in searching of the chemical-specific signatures of cancer...