The installation of Far InfraRed measurement accessory for radiation is complete

Recently, one highly advanced company from Canada claimed that the installation of a new ground-based Far InfraRed measurement device for radiation was complete. It should be noted that the first version of the Far InfraRed measurement accessory for radiation was designed by the INO with the aim of supporting the 2015 NETCARE airborne campaign. Herewith, the modification of the InfraRed measurement device was used for ground installation at the Eureka station in Nunavut to maintain research on thin ice clouds.

After the successful airborne and ground tests, the development of a ground-dedicated version of the Far InfraRed device was supported. It is considered that the designed InfraRed measurement accessory for radiation allows collecting data information 24/7 that will be then processed providing the data and performance analysis.

Another advantage of the Far InfraRed measurement tool for radiation is that it enables to carry out the measurement of atmospheric radiation in 9 spectral bands ranging from 8 to 50 µm, herewith, it is possible to cover the poorly explored Far InfraRed detection region (λ>15 µm).

As for the radiation measurement of thin ice clouds, the use of the InfraRed device provides collecting a significant amount of data information about the water vapor content and clouds microphysical properties, especially in cold and dry environmental conditions. Thus, the sensitivity of Far InfraRed measurement accessory for radiation is applied for study the water cycle in polar regions, with a special focus on the Arctic polar night.

The InfraRed device for radiation measurement is an innovative atmospheric technology that offers radiometrically-calibrated data in eight spectral channels in the range of 8-27.5 μm. The principle of operation is based on the use of a far InfraRed detection technology that includes microbolometers designed by the Institute of Optic of Canada.

Finally, this new measurement technology offers such benefits as compact size, low cost and the possibility to operate remotely 24/7 without any human intervention. Moreover, apart from the InfraRed detection of temperature and moisture characteristics, the Far InfraRed measurement accessory provides the necessary information of arctic Thin Ice Cloud.

Therefore, such an inherent advantage of InfraRed detection technology allows meeting the growing need for cheap, small atmospheric sounding systems which can be installed easily to the current arctic weather station.

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