Improved high-sensitive fiber optic probes

Recently, researchers from popular German company-manufacturer of fiber optic products have improved new fiber optic probe that has high sensitivity that allows expanding the fiber probe’s functionality in both experimental and industrial fiber sensing applications.

The new fiber optic technology named double-pass fiber optic probes is based on transflection fiber probes that are able to transmit light through a sample before reflecting this light off a highly polished optical mirror. It should be mentioned that the principle of the optical mirror’s operation include the transmission of the light back through the sample, where it gets into the detection optical fiber.

Herewith, such actions repeat, so they give the name of a double-pass fiber probe to the fiber optic technology. Additionally, the advanced design of the fiber optic probe enables to carry out the measurement of both transmission and reflection parameters, therefore, resulting in the name reflection.

This new fiber probe is an insertion one that detects the probe that is directly submerged in the liquid of the sample to be examined, herein, thanks to the source and return optical fibers being installed at the same side of the sample. Therefore, such fiber optic technique differs from other methods that apply flow cells or cuvettes.

There are various removable shaft heads (with slit with of 2, 5, or 10mm) for sensing technique, that is why the design of the fiber probe is bifurcated one that connects the prove to a light source and spectrometer device. The fiber optic device has been tested. Firstly, the researchers put the fiber probe into solutions of both Ethanol and Isopropanol of descending concentration. 

Finally, the results from the test demonstrate a signal with quite low noise and well-defined peaks. The researchers confirm that the improved fiber optic probe can be applied for precise detection of specific peaks up to a solute concentration of around 5% by using the visually represented data in the water subtracted spectra.

To be more precise, this high-sensitive fiber probe provides the precise and reliable detection of a solute down to a concentration of at least 5%. Also, the improved design of the fiber sensing device produces a signal without a noise with well-defined spectra with the help of the spectrometer as well as an integration time of 6 ms. In conclusion, the new fiber probe allows easier seeing and removing air bubbles from the window/reflector in the optical pass compared to other insertion fiber optic probe designs. 

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