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Endoscopic fiber catheter for optical coherence tomography

Usually, a technique for performing an optical biopsy is an invasive one, nevertheless, fiber optic technology has dramatically changed the situation. The new optical fiber technique allows carrying out an optical biopsy without the need to take tissue specimens. Thus, fiber technology has a great influence on the diagnosis and clinical management of numerous diseases....


Raman spectroscopy makes the detection of thyroid lesions easier and faster

Raman spectroscopy is a relatively new fiber optic technology that allows scientists to distinguish between benign and cancerous thyroid lesions in a non-invasive way. The technology of Raman spectroscopy was already demonstrated during the diagnosis of thyroid cancer that took the ninth most commonplace with about 50.000 novel cases diagnosed in the US each year....


Fiber optic bundles perform 3D stereo imaging

The presented fiber optic technology is based on the use of an optical fiber that operates as an independent pixel, thus, allowing coherent fiber optic bundles to transmit more data information than it was possible before (a 2D representation of an image). Nowadays, the spatial light field is able to encode 3D stereo data due to...


Fiber optic cables help monitor Ridgecrest aftershocks

Fiber optic cables are widely used in seismology for monitoring and recording aftershocks from the 2019 Ridgecrest earthquake sequence so detailed as possible. The thing is that there are numerous tiny aftershocks in the region every day, however, nowadays it is possible to detect an unprecedented number of them and study due to fiber optic...


Raman spectroscopy vs. FTIR process spectroscopy

Raman spectroscopy is a method of molecular process spectroscopy based on the interaction of light with matter. It allows getting data about the material structure or its characteristics, and in this regard, it is similar to the method of FTIR spectroscopy. Raman process spectroscopy is based on the study of scattered light, while IR spectroscopy...