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Fiber optic probes provide efficient diagnostic and sensing

Fiber optic probes are used as fiber sensors for minimally invasive measurements into the human body for a long time. To be more precise, an optical fiber sensor is considered to be a special device that allows transforming an input parameter or measurand into another parameter known as the signal. For example, it is possible...


Optical fiber technology is on guard for equipment against laser attacks

An international group of researchers offers a new optical fiber technology in order to safeguard drones, surveillance cameras and other equipment against laser attacks, which can deactivate or break the equipment. This fiber optic technology is known as optical limiting. To be more precise,  optical fiber technology allows telecom switching without the application of electronics....


Fiber optic bundles for position measurements

A traditional optical fiber is used for the transmission of the radiation from the generator to the emitter. Herewith, the emitted radiation operates as a point source and such an optical fiber allows making more precise detection of the position and orientation of the required object. The operation of the fiber optic technology is based...


Endoscopic fiber optic bundle performs self-calibration

Recently a group of scientists from the Dresden University of Technology has presented a developed compact self-calibrating endoscope based on the fiber optic technology that offers to capture 3D images of objects smaller than a single cell. The composition of such an optical fiber endoscope does not include a lens or any optical, electrical, or...