Fiber optic bundles for position measurements

A traditional optical fiber is used for the transmission of the radiation from the generator to the emitter. Herewith, the emitted radiation operates as a point source and such an optical fiber allows making more precise detection of the position and orientation of the required object. The operation of the fiber optic technology is based on the LED electromagnetic radiation generator that is known as a laser diode.

Thus, optical fibers or fiber optic bundles are ideal for light transportation from a source to a destination. Nevertheless, the optical fiber technology faces a great challenge during its application as a light source in the detection of the locations of the electromagnetic emitter. The thing is that the end of the fiber bundle is regarded as the light source, and it has such a disadvantage as inconveniently narrow apex, or conical, angle.

The development of a new efficient fiber optic system for position measurements is highly important today. The principle of fiber optic technology is based on the use of emitters, generally a laser diode or LED, although it is not forbidden to employ other light sources. 

Therefore, the electromagnetic rays produced by the laser beam source are collected with the help of a lens into “one end of an optical fiber or fiber optic bundle, and an optical element at the other end of the fiber or fiber bundle suitably disperses the light into a wide and substantially uniform emission pattern”. 

The researchers confirm that the developed fiber optic system may include any number of light sources. Herewith, the optical fibers, in their turn, can have any diameter, for instance, 400 microns. To be more precise, the optical fiber can be finer and lighter than the wire pairs or quite large leading to more efficient coupling in the light from the laser diodes 20 to the fiber bundle

Additionally, it should be noted that the distance plays a crucial role because short optical fibers allow carrying simple data information resulting in higher internal losses than long-distance communication fiber optics. There are four variants of the embodiment of optical fiber elements:

  1. The use of a tiny diffusing sphere in the fiber optic system due to which the light is uniformly and widely dispersed.
  2. The use of a special optical fiber bundle that disperses the light in the fiber optic technology.
  3. The light is widely dispersed over a substantially complete hemisphere through a tiny concave lens.
  4. In this case of fiber optic element embodiment, the transmitting optical fibers emit the light which is then reflected off of a tiny curved mirror.

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