Optical fiber technology is on guard for equipment against laser attacks

An international group of researchers offers a new optical fiber technology in order to safeguard drones, surveillance cameras and other equipment against laser attacks, which can deactivate or break the equipment. This fiber optic technology is known as optical limiting.

To be more precise,  optical fiber technology allows telecom switching without the application of electronics. Instead of it, an all-optical fiber technique is used to improve the speed and capacity of internet communications. Thus, modern optical fibers are regarded as a possible solution to movement from 4G LTE to 5G networks.

The researchers confirm that the fiber optic system made of tellurium nanorod material is considered to be “an effective nonlinear optical fiber material, capable of protecting electronic devices against high-intensity bursts of light, including those emitted by inexpensive household lasers targeted at aircraft, drones or other critical systems.”

It should be noted that the presented material is ideal for next-generation optoelectronic and photonic devices. Additionally, optical fiber technology applies a biologically-based nanomaterial offering less expensive and less toxic, compared to most optical materials, which are chemically synthesized.

The advantages of fiber optic systems include an environmental friendless way of synthesis providing impressive results. Nonlinear optical fiber measurements demonstrate strong saturable absorption and nonlinear fiber optic extinctions. Herewith, tellurium particles provide superior optical fiber nonlinearity compared to graphene material.

The fiber optic system is made of the nanocomposite consisted of biologically generated elemental tellurium nanocrystals and a polymer to produce an electro-optical switch (an electrical fiber optic device employed to modulate beams of light) that has an immunity to failure from a laser.  

The development of the fiber optic system became possible due to 30 years of basic research, and the discovery of tellurium potential application in nanophotonics was considered to be a great surprise. The researchers confirm that the biologically generated tellurium nanorods for optical fiber technologies will be highly useful for photonic device applications in the mid-infrared range.

Such fiber optic devices are very perspective because they can be used in the following fields of applications: “biomedical, environmental and security-related sensing, as well as laser processing and for opening up new windows for optical fiber and free-space communications.” Finally, the development of optical fiber technology will be continued to expand broadband capacity in all-optical switches.

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