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Basic information about quantum cascade laser

Such advantages as compact size, high reliability, and ease of application make conventional quantum cascade lasers ideal in telecommunications and consumer electronics in applications such as optical fiber communications and compact disk players. To be more precise, the quantum cascade lasers are considered to be a specific type of semiconductor laser, generally emitting mid-infrared light....


Chalcogenide optical fibers: fabrication and applications

The mid-infrared spectral region plays a crucial technical and scientific role in a great range of research fields and applications. Herewith, the researches about mid-infrared supercontinuum generation based on optical fiber technology are regarded as the most popular in the last decades because optical fibers offer such benefits as broad wavelength coverage and high coherence....


Floating magnetic microrobots based on optical fiber technology

Minimally invasive surgery finds its popularity more and more to target small lesions resulting in high demand for miniaturized medical devices (microcatheters, articulated micro-forceps or tweezers). Although the precise integration and operation of chemical and physical optical sensors still present numerous challenges, optical fiber technology makes a great contribution to the potential solution to the...


The differences between glass and plastic optical fibers

Conventional optical fibers are considered to have poor flexibility, while their diameters are not compact enough. Moreover, such fiber optic systems are relatively fragile and can be damaged by impact, they have a heavy mass because of a relatively large specific gravity. Finally, the cost of the optical fibers, as well as the fiber optic...


Fiber optic probes for MIR spectroscopy

Nowadays optical fiber systems based on fiber optic probes for chemical sensing become more and more accessible since they offer a wide range of applications. Techniques based on fiber optic technology are quantitative which means the opportunity to be calibrated almost in all cases. Herewith, such features of optical fibers as the flexibility and the...