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Fluorescence fiber probe for nanoscale thermometry

High-sensitivity temperature measurements require the reduction of the auto-fluorescence produced by an optical fiber probe. Additionally, a novel fluorescence fiber probe allowing decreasing the noise has been developed by fusion-splicing a photonic crystal fiber (PCF) and a traditional single-mode fiber.  The operation of the novel fiber probe was already tested experimentally by evaluating the auto-fluorescence...


Endoscopic fiber catheter offers in vivo imaging

Recently a new optical fiber-based endoscopic imaging system has been designed. The fiber optic technology combines “narrowband red-green-blue reflectance with optical coherence tomography and autofluorescence imaging”. The operating principle of such a fiber optic system is based on a submillimeter diameter rotary-pullback double-clad endoscopic fiber catheter that allows performing sample illumination and detection. Compared to...