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High power optical fiber provides multisite photometry in the brain

A team of scientists from Italy and the U.S. presents a light technique based on fiber optic technology to catch and detect neural activity in the brain. The optical fiber technique enables signals from different brain regions to be gathered simultaneously through the use of a tapered fiber optic probe. To be more precise, fiber...


Endoscopic fiber catheter and its applications

An endoscope is an optical device that is used to study hard-to-reach cavities of mechanisms, machines, and equipment. In its simplest form, it is a long flexible or rigid fiber bundle with a lens, optical system, illumination, and eyepiece. In the case when the optical fiber is used for image transmission, such an endoscope is...


Fluorescence fiber probe for nanoscale thermometry

High-sensitivity temperature measurements require the reduction of the auto-fluorescence produced by an optical fiber probe. Additionally, a novel fluorescence fiber probe allowing decreasing the noise has been developed by fusion-splicing a photonic crystal fiber (PCF) and a traditional single-mode fiber.  The operation of the novel fiber probe was already tested experimentally by evaluating the auto-fluorescence...


Endoscopic fiber catheter offers in vivo imaging

Recently a new optical fiber-based endoscopic imaging system has been designed. The fiber optic technology combines “narrowband red-green-blue reflectance with optical coherence tomography and autofluorescence imaging”. The operating principle of such a fiber optic system is based on a submillimeter diameter rotary-pullback double-clad endoscopic fiber catheter that allows performing sample illumination and detection. Compared to...