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Raman fiber optic probe for glucose sensing

Several tools for Raman analysis have been produced and already tested for blood glucose monitoring in vivo that plays a crucial role in people suffering from diabetes. Raman spectroscopy in reflection geometry allows collecting signals from the forearm applying a paraboloidal mirror combined with a spectrograph and a tall detector. Nevertheless, Raman fiber optic probes...


The significance of optical fiber technology for the FTTH

Recently a manufacturer of fiber optic systems from Canada has demonstrated their new optical fibers that provide a lot of benefits over standard fiber systems, containing such features as reduced material and installation costs, fewer fiber connection points, simplified repair and maintenance, and a migration path for future fiber optic applications. The thing is that...


Novel fiber optic cable that can transmit both data and power

A group of researchers from Japan has developed a fiber optic system that allows transmitting both data and power over the same fiber optic cable. The main purpose of such a fiber optic technology is considered to meet the growing power demands of wireless communications. To be more precise, the team demonstrates that the novel...


CO2 laser makes the flexibility of optical fiber end cap splicing and fiber array assembly higher

Originally published at FiberBridge Photonics Today the technology of CO2 lasers allows fiber end-cap splicing of complex optical fiber structures, splicing of different fiber optic elements to the end face as well as equipping of high-power-capable fiber array arrangements. The thing is that such qualities of CO2 laser power as spatial and temporal control provides...