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Optical fibers: past and present

In 1966, Charles Kao Kuen, a scientist from China, presented the results of his research to the world. The main message of his development was that fiber optic communication can be organized using optical fibers. In his research, Kao introduced the unique design features of optical fiber and its materials to the world. Researches of...


Nanoscale optical fibers for advanced sensing technology

Nanofibers are considered to be optical fibers that have diameters lose to or below the wavelength of the guided light. Herewith, such tiny optical fibers provide engineerable waveguiding features, containing optical confinement, fractional evanescent fields, and surface intensity that play a crucial role in fiber optic sensing on the nanoscale level. Nowadays fiber optic systems...


Tapered optical fibers allow making photometry in the brain

A team of scientists from Italy has developed a light-based fiber optic technology that enables them to catch and detect neural activity in the brain. To be more precise, such a fiber technology simultaneously collects signals from different parts of the brain by applying a tapered fiber optic probe. The operating principle of tapered optical...


Legacy optical fibers provide multidimensional communications

A new twist on quantum communication applying conventional optical fibers has been presented by a team of scientists from Johannesburg. To be more precise, it is possible to transmit numerous quantum patterns of twisted light across a standard optical fiber link that usually supports just one light pattern. Thus, such a novel application of fiber...