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Optical fibers control slope movement

Various instrumentation methods, for instance, inclinometers, tiltmeters, and others allow controlling such processes as landslides and slopes. The thing is that all these technologies have own benefits and drawbacks, however, the optical fiber system offers a crucial superiority over these techniques. To be more precise, fiber optic technology provides an incessant process to collect the...


Fiber optic cables vs. Copper

Fiber optic cables are not novel but play a crucial role by enabling the application of light bursts to transmit a signal, compared to copper cables that use waves that travel through metal. Modern fiber cables consist of a highly transparent flexible glass core, which is surrounded in several coatings. It should be noted that...


A short overview of fiber optic bundles

Numerous spectroscopic applications need more than a simple optical fiber patch cord. Therefore, fiber optic bundles are considered to be the most suitable when it is necessary to measure different simultaneously or those that need an improved signal to noise ratio (as in the case of weak signals). To be more precise, a fiber optic...