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Fiber optic probe for high-resolution fluorescence imaging

Fiber optic probes with targeted multispectral and spatiotemporal illumination properties for imaging processes finds new applications in numerous diagnostic biomedical studies. Nevertheless, these fiber optic systems are mostly adapted in standard microscopes, therefore, limiting their use for in vitro applications. Recently t a team of researchers has presented new optical fiber technology based on a...


Endoscopic fiber catheter makes cardiac procedures safer

A team of researchers from the USA demonstrates a unique study providing evidence that someday photoacoustic imaging may replace traditional techniques that need for potentially harmful radiation. The technique is based on optical fiber in a cardiac endoscopic fiber catheter that emits photoacoustic signals at the tip of the catheter; robotic vision guides the catheter....


Conditions that break fiber optic cables

Nowadays people pay careful attention to how to install fiber optic cables in the telecommunication industry fast and efficiently, herewith, offering a highly functional network. Nevertheless, do you think about what occurs to that buried optical fibers after the heavy equipment and construction team leave? A fiber cable locating and monitoring specialist highlights the elements...


Optical fibers in seismology

A team of researchers from the USA presents the potential for applying current networks of buried optical fibers as a cheap observatory for controlling and studying earthquakes. The researchers demonstrate new evidence that these optical fibers that transmit high-speed internet and HD video to homes allow doubling as seismic sensors. High power fiber cables are...


Hollow-core optical fibers replace solid-core applications

A team of researchers from the UK continues promoting the opportunities of hollow-core optical fibers as similar to solid-core fiber optics parameters. Herewith, they have already demonstrated a breakthrough in hollow-core fiber performance, pointing the fiber optic technology’s potential to further replacing conventional optical fibers. The difference between hollow-core optical fibers and standard glass core...