Hollow-core optical fibers replace solid-core applications

A team of researchers from the UK continues promoting the opportunities of hollow-core optical fibers as similar to solid-core fiber optics parameters. Herewith, they have already demonstrated a breakthrough in hollow-core fiber performance, pointing the fiber optic technology’s potential to further replacing conventional optical fibers.

The difference between hollow-core optical fibers and standard glass core is that hollow-core fiber is filled with gas or a vacuum to allow unique features containing faster light speed and decreased sensitivity to environmental variations. The new fiber optic technology is considered to be highly promising and it can achieve lower loss and higher data transmission ability than all-solid glass fibers, with standard research accelerating models toward this peak performance.

It should be noted that new optical fibers enable the researchers to attenuate the light transmitting through it by 50% less than the previous research, reported only six months ago. Herewith, the maximum transmission length of new optical fibers has succeeded to double compared to standard fiber optics. “Thanks to an innovative design, in the space of 18 months the attenuation in data-transmitting hollow-core optical fibers has been decreased by over a factor of 10, from 3.5 dB/km to only 0.28 dB/km within a factor of two of the attenuation of traditional all-glass fiber optic technology.”

Additionally, the maximum transmission distance of optical fibers at which large bandwidth data streams are possible to be traveled has been increased by over 10 times. The thing is that light transmission in an air optical fiber core rather than a glass core provides numerous benefits that enable to change of fiber optic communications. The results demonstrate that hollow-core optical fibers and mainstream fiber optic technology overcome conventional fiber optics

The researchers claim that new optical fibers are potential and offer crucial improvements that seem real, according to modeling. Moreover, this fiber optic technology transmits a vital 30% reduction in round-trip data transmission times leading to the next generation of connected real-time digital applications, from smart manufacturing and advanced healthcare to entertainment. Thus, new optical fibers enlarge opportunities to target longer reach distances, overcoming close to the 1,000 km span of typical long-distance, long-haul terrestrial data transmission links. Finally, the team succeeds in extending the boundaries of hollow-core optical fiber performance in several major research programs.

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