Conditions that break fiber optic cables

Nowadays people pay careful attention to how to install fiber optic cables in the telecommunication industry fast and efficiently, herewith, offering a highly functional network. Nevertheless, do you think about what occurs to that buried optical fibers after the heavy equipment and construction team leave? A fiber cable locating and monitoring specialist highlights the elements that promote breaking buried fiber optic cables and interrupting network traffic, causing crucial repair costs and lost revenue.

Conditions that destroy optical fibers are the following:

1. Water

It should be noted that water is considered to be very detrimental to optical fiber strands. Modern fiber optic technology has numerous benefits due to the application of advanced coatings that maintain them from water apart from the splice enclosures where the tips of the optical fiber strands are stripped of their coatings so the splices are possible to be fused without contaminants. The thing is that nowadays most water damage takes place in splice enclosures that haven’t succeeded to hold water off the optical fiber.

2. Rodents

Rodents often account for a huge break to fiber optic cable because they have a life-long drive to gnaw. Moreover, these creatures can cut even metal armored cables.

3. Lightning or incidental voltage

The thing is that when lightning strikes the ground, it will look for the most suitable conductor accessible, even if it places underground. If that occurs to be the armor or trace-wire of fiber cable, then break to the fiber optic cable sheath and even the optical fiber itself is very possible.

4. Construction

To be more precise, various forms of construction are regarded as the main reason for damage to the buried fiber cable. Backhoes, post-hole augers, and even hand shovels may interrupt network traffic by destroying the fiber optic cable.

5. Ice crush

In places with colder climates, water that penetrates a splice enclosure can freeze, breaking the optical fiber strands and leading to a costly network outage. Ice crush results in an emergency network repair in order to escape additional break and downtime. Herewith, access to the splice enclosure of fiber optic cable is quite challenging to achieve because of the harsh environment. Apart from which fiber cable killer it is, only a cable monitoring system allows detecting the problem of signal loss.

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