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Fiber optic cables: types and characteristics

Fiber optic cable is a fundamentally different type compared to other types of cables. Its information is transmitted by a light signal. Its main element is a transparent optical fiber, through which light travels for huge distances (up to tens of kilometers) with a slight attenuation. The structure of this fiber cable is very simple...


Optical fibers overcome the limits of Rayleigh backscattering

Fiber optic technology is considered to be ideal for distributed sensing applications. Optical fibers of more than 1 km length are actively used in fiber optic cables, therefore, they allow obtaining data about temperature, strain, and acoustics without need for electrical connections, herewith, optical fibers have resistance to harsh environmental conditions in different structures. It...


An Italian company announces the world’s first fiber optic cable of 180 microns

The new fiber optic cable provides a record diameter and optical fiber density for faster, more economical, and environmentally friendly installation. One popular company-vendor of fiber optic technologies from Italy, a world leader in power and telecommunications cable systems, produces the world’s first commercially available fiber optic cable of 180 microns.  In addition to previous...


The new optical fiber transmits IR radiation in a very wide range

Researchers from the scientific laboratory of fiber optic technologies and photonics have succeeded to create optical fibers with a diameter of 90 micrometers made from silver and thallium halides for the first time in the world. Additionally, the researchers were also able to produce a fiber optic array from them that allows measuring the thermal...