An Italian company announces the world’s first fiber optic cable of 180 microns

The new fiber optic cable provides a record diameter and optical fiber density for faster, more economical, and environmentally friendly installation. One popular company-vendor of fiber optic technologies from Italy, a world leader in power and telecommunications cable systems, produces the world’s first commercially available fiber optic cable of 180 microns. 

In addition to previous fiber cable, researchers are combining two technologies to produce their 288 optical fiber of 6.5 mm diameter used in micro-wire cable, providing a world record diameter and fiber density for an inflatable micro-wire cable. 

It should be noted that at the density of 8.7 optical fibers per mm2, the cable can be installed in an air duct with an internal diameter of 8 mm, herewith, previously it was possible to install only up to 192 optical fibers.

The new fiber cables use a single-mode 180 microns bend-insensitive optical fibers, providing an optical fiber solution that is perfect for advanced systems and intended for the future. Such optical fibers allow providing the necessary cable density standard and maintain the necessary fiber spectrum required by new technologies.

Moreover, the flexibility of bend-resistant fibers allows manufacturers to develop fiber cable solutions that were previously impossible to create, but are now in demand in today’s rapidly changing environment. Thanks to the high number of fibers and reduced diameter, fiber optic cables with microconductivity make installation faster, more economical, and environmentally friendly. 

Designed for installation in micro conductors, they are ideal for laying in high-density networks, such as FTTx and 5G networks, and offer a scalable solution that is high-density, physically compact, and easy to deploy for future optical fiber solutions.

Fiber optic cables are currently available with a fiber count of 288, and a further number of optical fibers will be available later this year. The cable meets international standards for optical and mechanical characteristics and has advantages due to Picomian PicoTube technology, which makes them 40% smaller than micro-conductor fiber cables

This allows more fibers to be installed in an overloaded duct space and allows smaller ducts to be used for new installations, resulting in lower installation costs and the use of fewer raw materials. This fiber optic technology provides benefits for both the overall cost of network deployment and the environmental impact. As the global demand for information continues to grow, fiber optics are becoming more dynamic, tight, and limited in space.

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