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The full overview of fiber optic bundles applied in medicine

A fiber optic bundle is an element of a fiber cable that is a very thin quartz thread with a diameter of 0.1 mm. This optical fiber is used for transmitting electromagnetic radiation. The operating principle of the fiber bundle is based on the use of such processes as reflection, as well as refraction of...


Optical fibers that promote medicine

Medical devices for direct observation of internal organs, sensors for reliable blood analysis, and laser systems for internal surgery — all these tools are based on the technology of optical fibers. To be more precise, inserting optical fibers into natural holes or small incisions and passing them through channels in the human body allow doctors...


Optical fibers act as a monitoring tool

Researchers from Switzerland have developed a new glacier monitoring tool based on fiber optic technology. These optical fibers allow monitoring the entire glaciers. The thing is that seismic monitoring coverage of glaciers is considered to be inexact because of current seismometers’ challenge being mounted in glacial areas. The developed fiber optic system has been already...


Hollow optical fibers increase polarization purity

Saving laser beam light in a pure polarization state plays a crucial role in interferometry to provide super accurate measurements of length, time, or other quantities. Optical fibers allow performing it, however, now the light is necessary to be directed through a vacuum for gold-standard purity that is considered to be too expensive and even...