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Undersea application of robust optical fibers

Numerous land and undersea oil industries use temperature sensing to provide a high level of safety and functionality in severe environmental conditions. For instance, silica-based optical fibers are widely applied as DTS and DAS systems because they allow detecting various signals and recording them along the length of the fiber optic cables. It should be...


New optical fibers amplify light at regular intervals

A group of scientists from Switzerland has presented a technique that allows them to amplify light at regular intervals in newly developed hollow-core optical fibers. The fiber optic technology is based on the use of air to amplify light across the fiber. Herewith, the application of such a fiber optic system includes any type of...


Quartz optical fibers for onboard and industrial cables

This month a manufacturer of fiber optic systems announced the implementation of a partnership project to develop quartz optical fibers for onboard and industrial data cables at high speeds. To be more precise, optical fiber that is considered to be resistant to vibrations and pollution can replace traditional cables in the communication networks of air,...


Novel optical fibers made of agar

Nowadays it is difficult to imagine current systems without the appearance of fiber optic technology, which has firmly entered our life. For instance, optical fibers and fiber optic systems based on it are widely used in virtually all areas of modern industries. Herewith, fiber optic technology continues still developing and improving leading to new opportunities...