Quartz optical fibers for onboard and industrial cables

This month a manufacturer of fiber optic systems announced the implementation of a partnership project to develop quartz optical fibers for onboard and industrial data cables at high speeds. To be more precise, optical fiber that is considered to be resistant to vibrations and pollution can replace traditional cables in the communication networks of air, sea and railway transport. 

The development of new fiber optic cables will also contribute to the creation of next-generation industrial communication networks. According to the company, the new optical fiber is characterized by an increased core diameter (100 microns against 50-62.5 microns compared to previous ones). 

Due to this diameter, the fiber cable ensures the reliability of the data transmission network and is suitable for fiber optic cable systems operated in aggressive conditions. This fiber optic technology allows moving to another “stage” without additional adaptation of the infrastructure.

The characteristics of the fiber optic cable allow producing next-generation communication networks based on it. Prototypes of the fiber optic system have passed a series of tests, there is another stage of testing and the creation of a demonstration stand.

The development of the fiber cable will also be used as part of onboard data transmission systems for various purposes. When it comes to the equipment that transfers information from navigation devices, telemetry systems, telemechanics, dispatching, and service traffic. 

Optical fiber can be applied for equipping data transmission ways in aircraft, spacecraft, railway locomotives, passenger and freight trains, and the metro. It is also planned to introduce the fiber optic cable on water platforms-as part of the sea and river vessels, including cargo ships and industrial bases, passenger liners, research and oil and gas production vessels, and icebreakers.

The fact is that optical fibers are regarded as the optimal solution for building onboard and industrial data transmission networks for various purposes. Their benefits include low weight, easy installation, immunity to electromagnetic interference, as well as intrinsic safety and increased bandwidth. Moreover, such fiber cables will solve the problem of time-frequency support that exists in the previous generation networks. 

It should be mentioned that not so long ago, another fiber optic technology has been introduced – optical fiber with a core filled with air or gas, which allowed to reduce the signal attenuation when traveling over long distances. Modern optical fibers usually have a solid core. In such fibers, light can travel quite long distances thanks to the effect of full internal reflection. However, the intensity of the light signal reduces by about half. Now physicists have found a way to avoid this fading. 

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