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Improved fiber optic cables for less invasive surgery

A company-manufacturer of optical fiber products from the U.S. has developed a unique design structure made of polymer material. It allows for delivering laser beam light at a large 79-degree angle through the core of fiber optic cables, offering up to 1.8 times more light. To be more precise, these fiber cables have a unique...


Pressure parameter transforms optical fibers

Recent developments of optical fibers made of silica glass under the high level of pressure advance essentially improved data transmission. To be more precise, a team of researchers from the U.S. has demonstrated a fiber optic technology that applies computer simulations and shows a significant reduction (more than half) of signal loss when using silica...


Fiber optic cables operate in a vacuum

A team of scientists from England has developed a fiber optic cable that allows for carrying data at virtually 100%of the vacuum-speed of light. They have succeeded to perform it by producing a fiber cable with a hollow core and special inner walls that prevent refraction. To be more precise, standard fiber optic cables enable...


Optical fibers with the significantly reduced noise factor

Fiber optic technology quickly finds a way into human life, applying virtually in all fields of industries. Nowadays optical fibers are employed in smart technologies and devices, they help to perform complex surgeries, and it seems that there is a finish. Nonetheless, fiber optic technology continues to develop.  Thus, recently a team of scientists from...