Optical fibers with the significantly reduced noise factor

Fiber optic technology quickly finds a way into human life, applying virtually in all fields of industries. Nowadays optical fibers are employed in smart technologies and devices, they help to perform complex surgeries, and it seems that there is a finish. Nonetheless, fiber optic technology continues to develop. 

Thus, recently a team of scientists from the U.S. has presented optical fibers of a hollow type that offer the significantly reduced noise factor, which in turn, disturbs transmitted signals, compared to conventional single-mode fiber optic systems that are now widely applied to reduce this noise.

To be more precise, this hollow-core optical fiber is antiresonant one, developed by Americal scientists, produces a thousand times less noise, therefore, it is regarded as the lowest noise level ever recorded aroused by acoustic phonons appeared from the optical fiber at room temperatures.

It should be noted that it is possible to decrease the noise level produced by phonons by cooling optical fibers to very low cryogenic temperatures. Nevertheless, this technique is considered to be pretty expensive and difficult. The thing is that the anti-resonant optical fiber with hollow core demonstrates a unique design: seven hollow capillaries are installed in a particular way around a core inside the fiber optic system.

Moreover, the optical fibers produced by scientists from the U.S. include more straightforward methods that can work at room temperature conditions. The thing is that the design of this fiber optic system enables minimal overlap between the optical fiber’s outer layer of glass and the laser beam light transmitting through the core, thereby leading to the reduction of interference from acoustic phonons creating by the glass.

The new fiber optic technology has been already tested dut to the highly sensitive sensing technique created by the scientists to measure the optical fiber. Even though there is a great interest among researchers and different industries, there are little researches about the phonons behavior supported by the fiber optic structure, and to what level it decreases the noise, this is the reason why the developed optical fibers are considered to be very valuable.

According to the test results, the unique design of optical fibers makes them 10× more effective at decreasing noise levels than other hollow-fiber structures. Herewith, the rest noise aroused by acoustic waves in the air inside the optical fiber, that is why the air removal results in 100× more effectiveness, therefore, the noise factor would be dramatically low. Such an optical fiber is useful for low-noise applications, for instance, for quantum information processing and optical communications.

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