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Novel fiber optic probes for visualizing chromosome tips

Newly developed fiber optic probes provide a safe and simple technique that helps to visualize chromosome tips in living cells. To be more precise, the fiber probes have been produced by a team of researchers from Japan. They claim that such a fiber optic technology promotes researches into aging and numerous types of diseases, containing...


Heat-resistant optical fibers

Fiber optic technology is a quickly developing, robust, and effective system. Fiber optic systems provide numerous benefits for radio and electronic systems. The thing is that optical fibers used in these systems are light-weight, they have a pretty low cost and very compact size than their copper opponents. Additionally, optical fibers and systems based on...


Optical fibers with larger incidence angles

A team of researchers has presented a new fiber optic technology that increases the quality of data transfer. The thing is that modernized optical fibers combined with a new light coupling technique help to overcome blind spots that present in large incident angles. Therefore, new optical fibers can be useful in endoscopic and laparoscopic images...