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Advancements of ultra-thin optical fibers

A team of researchers from Germany has developed new ultra-thin optical fibers used for filters in a very simple way. To be more precise, it is possible to tune the color of fiber optic systems, and their compact size and high stability make the optical fiber solution very promising. These optical fibers find applications in...


Optical fibers for refractive sensing

A new type of multi-D-shaped optical fibers has been recently presented. They perform refractive index sensing. The novel optical fibers consist of several D-sections in a multimode fiber at localized areas with femtosecond fiber laser systems. Herewith, the maximum number of such sections in fiber optic systems can be 3-7 zones. To be more precise,...


Novel optical fibers in light-based gyroscopes

A team of scientists from Great Britain has presented a great development in resonator fiber optic gyroscopes, a type of sensors based on optical fibers. These optical fibers allow for sensing rotation parameters applying only light. The thing is that gyroscopes play a crucial role because they are used in most navigation systems.  The new...