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Distributed optical fiber for sensing and its model

Distributed optical fiber for sensing (DOFS) is a technology that “transforms” a conventional fiber optic technology into an array of individual optical fiber sensors. Thanks to the ability to gauge the rates of deformations and temperature change the methods based on optical fibers for sensing are getting more attention. The unique options make optical fibers...


Endoscopic fiber catheter for removal of impacted foreign bodies

Impacted foreign bodies (FB) in the upper gastrointestinal tract are regarded as a general clinical presentation that often takes place. The thing is that children usually swallow fish and meat bones, coins, and plastic objects, while the adults – fish bones as well and dentures. The most common way of foreign bodies removing is rigid...


Underwater optical fibers for tsunami detection

Seismologists from the US have created a fiber optic technology based on existing fiber optic cables for the monitoring of natural disasters, for example, earthquakes or tsunami. Herewith, there is no need for additional systems or devices. The operating principle of fiber cables is based on the light that goes through optical fibers to detect...


Hollow-core optical fibers with low back-reflection

A group of scientists from Canada has designed new cutting-edge hollow-core optical fibers that have significantly lower back-reflection than in standard fiber optic systems. This fiber optic technology is very important because it helps to discover new optical fiber properties that overcome previous disadvantages. To be more precise, the development of advanced optical fibers promotes...