Endoscopic fiber catheter for removal of impacted foreign bodies

Impacted foreign bodies (FB) in the upper gastrointestinal tract are regarded as a general clinical presentation that often takes place. The thing is that children usually swallow fish and meat bones, coins, and plastic objects, while the adults – fish bones as well and dentures. The most common way of foreign bodies removing is rigid esophagoscope under general anesthesia. However, there is another way by using an endoscopic fiber catheter or specific fiber optic cable.

It should be noted that the second method including the application of an endoscopic fiber catheter, has fewer costs than the first one. It’s becoming more popular during the last few decades but the question of whether to apply fiber optic cables is still controversial.

Rigid endoscopic procedures help to remove the FB. Nevertheless, this procedure may easily lead to the disease or death of the patient. The fact is it involves general anesthesia with added anesthetic consequences and overnight staying in the hospital that increases costs to the health system.

On the other hand, the operations using an endoscopic fiber catheter or fiber optic cable are more effective in both diagnosis and therapy and offer faster recovery. Moreover, it’s not so scary for people. The other advantage is the application of new fiber optic technology that is becoming a great request because of its small size and cost. Moreover, a fiber optic catheter can move freely around organs, bones, veins, and even arteries.

These are the main reasons why the new fiber optic catheter gains a lot of popularity among people. Most centers used an endoscopic fiber catheter or fiber optic cable to remove foreign bodies. And rarely, open surgical procedures were needed in really difficult cases.
In conclusion, the operation with the usage of an endoscopic fiber catheter or fiber optic cable is a successful procedure to remove the foreign bodies from the upper gastrointestinal tract. The patients can be recommended to use fiber optic catheters at first because it’s safer and more convenient, while the rigid endoscopy can be used for more difficult cases.

Additionally, the application of endoscopic fiber catheters is not limited by the removal of impacted foreign bodies. They demonstrate great performance in cardiac procedures where it is inserted into a vein or artery, then directed to the heart to diagnose and treat different heart diseases. Also, fiber optic catheters provide optical coherence tomography simultaneously with either narrowband red-green-blue reflectance imaging or autofluorescence imaging, herewith, they have more compact sizes compared to their counterparts.

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