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Modernization of the endoscopic fiber catheters

Scientists are developing instruments for observing biological machinery. In the future, with the help of optical fiber solutions, this tool will help better learn and treat some brain diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. It is called an endoscopic fiber catheter. The endoscopic fiber catheter took the scientists’ attention because it needs minimally invasive observations inside the...


Optical fiber technology in the pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry has different unsolved questions in the development of oral drug products. One of them is the fact that many drug products have low solubility and can not reach targeted indicators because of the poor absorption. To overcome this problem the scientists have to employ a bioavailability-enabling technology like spray-dried dispersions (SDDs). And...


Optical fibers help in developing quantum computer technology

The scientists from the USA made a range of experiments that included measurement and monitoring of qubit. Unlike the usual experiments with metal electrical wires, they used optical fibers. According to the characteristics, all the data is transferred to the universal quantum computer that requires about 1 million qubits. In comparison with the usual units...