Optical fiber technology in the pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry has different unsolved questions in the development of oral drug products. One of them is the fact that many drug products have low solubility and can not reach targeted indicators because of the poor absorption. To overcome this problem the scientists have to employ a bioavailability-enabling technology like spray-dried dispersions (SDDs). And it would be impossible to held tests without new highly effective technologies, for example, without optical fiber technology.

It is not a secret that optical fiber technology is commonly applied in medicine. Most of all, optical fiber solutions are employed in the spheres where the specialists need great accuracy in challenging procedures, endoscopy, ureteroscopy, ophthalmic surgeries, for instance. With the help of optical fiber, the operations can be held through small incisions. That leads to a short recovery time and releases the patients from most inconveniences.

Optical fiber solutions are also applied in the sphere of diagnostics. Optical fibers are extremely helpful in the examination of blood vessels, lungs, and other human organs. The specialists can easily create visual analysis and perform the effective treatment. Optical fibers can measure temperature and define other body parameters. Moreover, optical fibers are used in most types of therapy with a laser beam: in gynecology, pulmonology, urology, etc.

–°oncerning the experiments in the pharmaceutical industry, the thing is that a bioavailability-enabling technology should increase solubility and dissolution rates. That’s why the dissolution experiment with the usage of fiber optic probes is an important instrument for bio performance. Fiber optic probes allow collecting information and making an analysis in real-time. The main differences and advantages from the general manual sampling modes are high timing resolution and minimal effort. Optical fiber solutions also allow performing orthogonal characterization at the same time as the test to establish the rates.

In addition to that, optical fiber technology is compliant with high-quality imaging and flexibility without damaging fiber optic cables. Such advantages of optical fibers result in less intensity at the laser beam light source.

In conclusion, we should notice that optical fibers are a highly demanded scientific instrument that has become nowadays one of the significant elements of modern medicine inventions and technologies.

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