Accessories for IR Fiber Spectroscopy

Optromix proposes a range of specialty mid-infrared materials for the production of fiber optic cables, ATR probes, T/R probes, gas detection cells, and spectrometer systems.

Fiber and lens objectives for polycrystalline and chalkogenide fiber cables

Fiber probe couplers for efficient connection of fiber probes

Fiber probe couplers for easy coupling of fiber probes with FT-spectrometers

Focussing Adjustable Fiber Coupler for CO2-Laser

Refocusing couplers  for the coupling of IR-fiber optical cables with SMA termination to a MCT / InSb detector

Highly efficient detection cards that can be used in common light conditions

Our clients include analytical scientists, engineers, laboratory managers, molecular absorption spectroscopy specialists. Specialty mid-infrared materials are used for near-infrared (NIR) and mid-infrared (MIR) sensing. We offer a wide variety of fiber optic materials, probes, and systems that range from 0.18 µm to 18 µm (555cm-1 to 55555cm-1).