Refocusing couplers for Dewar devices

Refocusing couplers are designed for the coupling of IR-fiber optical cables with SMA termination to an MCT / InSb detector installed inside an LN-cooled Dewar with a side window.

  • The simplest lens coupler is a standard or customized construction which is fixed on the side window of LN-cooled Dewar and is adjustable in 3 dimensions – X-Y for the lens and Z for connector position.
  • An advanced version of the coupler is based on pre-aligned parabolic mirrors to eliminate chromatic aberrations and includes purging option to avoid atmospheric disturbance in spectral details of the object
  • Both couplers have an SMA-adaptor for infrared fiber optical cable with SMA-termination
  • Two types of infrared cables can be provided for different spectral range detectors and lasers
Coupler TypeLens couplerMirror coupler
Optic elementsZnSe lens 3-5 or 8-12μm AR-coatingTwo parabolic mirrors
DimensionsDiameter 55 mm Length 40 mm150*120*100mm, space for Dewar and pre-amplifier included
Alignment optionsAngular translation stage ±2.5° in both orthogonal axes; Z-translation stage ± 5mmX-Y alignment of the mirror inside the coupler, Z-translation of the Dewar
Other optionsPurging is possible