Fiber Optic Bundles and Converters

The FlexiRay® product line contains optical fiber bundles and converters for various applications with a broad spectral range from 0.2 up to 18 µm. Fiber bundles are designed to match customer applications using different fiber types, diameters, polymer or metal jackets.

The bundle design can be as follows: bifurcated bundle, fan-out bundle, line to round converter or any custom design. Depending on application characteristic spectra, the bundle can include various types of optical fibers or their combinations. Using the combination of different fiber types allows us to get the coherent bundle.

The bundles’ application area includes spectroscopy, coherent and IR imaging, laser power delivery, photometry, and optical sensing.

Multispectral bundles for spectral imaging, pyrometry, and optical sensing

High power optical fiber bundle for laser pumping, welding, and cutting

CIR fibers with low total optical losses and low absorption peaks

Fiber optic profile cross converter for spectroscopy and photometry

Coherent multi-channel fiber optic bundles for remote spectroscopy

PIR-Fiber Bundles for thermography-based early cancer diagnostics