Optical Fibers

Optromix product line contains specialty optical fibers for use in various applications. Optical fibers can be divided into three categories according to characteristics such as coating type and wavelength:

  • UV/VIS/NIR (180 – 2500nm) – silica fibers that come in a variety of diameters and NAs with a range of polymer and metal coatings. The coating of a wide range silica fiber with aluminum or copper allows this product to be used for such applications as laser radiation delivery including medical devices, fiber optic temperature measurement systems under a harsh environment (oil production, petrochemical production, fire detection systems, and others). Silica fibers with the metal coating are high power fibers, which provide power over fiber transmission.
  • CIR (1.5 – 6.0µm) – in the mid-infrared range. Optromix chalcogenide infrared (CIR) fibers have an optical transmission to match the LED output and the output of solid-state infrared lasers, including quantum cascade ones.
  • PIR (4.0 – 18.0µm) – in the mid-infrared range, the silver halide polycrystalline infrared (PIR) fibers can be used for coupling to blackbody sources, LEDs, CO2 lasers and solid-state infrared lasers, including quantum cascade ones.

Chalcogenide and polycrystalline fibers can also be used in spectroscopic studies using FTIR spectrometers. Depending on the task, these fibers can be equipped with connectors and protective tubes, as a fiber optic bundle or ATR probes.

These optical fibers are available for purchase with various connectors, protective coatings, and tubing.

Aluminum coated silica fibers for use in high temperature, vacuum, and harsh environmental conditions

High power fiber cables for flexible delivery of medical CO₂-laser radiation

Copper coated silica fibers for harsh conditions

Unique metal coated fibers for laser power delivery with high brightness and beam quality

Core / clad polycrystalline infrared (PIR) fibers transparent over a broad spectral range

Unique polycrystalline infrared (PIR) fibers for mid-infrared region

Core / clad chalcogenide infrared (CIR) fibers cover a spectral gap between silica and polycrystalline fibers

Single- and multimode CIR fibers with low optical loss

Optromix optical fibers are used in a wide variety of applications, some of which include spectroscopy and process monitoring tasks, IR radiation delivery to and out of closed volumes, thermosensing, laser power flexible delivery systems, IR-imaging, etc.

Along with a regular range of products, we offer custom optical fiber solutions for non-standard tasks and applications.