High Power Fiber Cables for Flexible Delivery of CO₂ Laser Power

Optromix offers unique High Power Fiber Cables suitable for flexible delivery of medical CO₂-laser radiation, based on Polycrystalline InfraRed (PIR) fibers. PIR-lasers provide a stable power transmittance under cable bending.

Special SMART (Special Micro Anti-Reflection Treatment) treatment of PIR-fiber ends suppresses Fresnel reflection to increase output power by 10-15%.

● The most flexible cables for CO₂-laser power delivery

● Stable transmission under small radius bending

● SMART-technology to suppress Fresnel reflection losses

Standard fibersPIR 400/500PIR 600/700PIR 900/1000
Core diameter, µm400630900
Cladding diameter, µm5007001000
Total transmission @ 10.6 µm>75%>75%>75%
Beam divergence0.130.130.13
Max. transmitted power (CW)203540
Min. bending radius (multiple)50 mm70 mm100 mm

Delivery Set Includes:

● Adjustable Coupler to Laser Head

● PIR-Fiber Cable

● Focusing Handpiece

● Cooling gas Inlet Unit


Coupler to Laser Head:

● Max. Laser Beam Diameter – 8 mm

● Coupler Diameter – 30 mm

● Length (with gas cooling inlet) – 140 mm


PIR-Fiber Cable

● According to the PIR-fiber specification, in PEEK tubing, with an outer jacket for cooling gas, Ti-SMA- connectors


Focusing Handpiece:

● Diameter – Max 12 mm

● Length – Max 100 mm

● Focal spot size – 0.65 – 1 mm

● Operating distance – 20 mm


Cooling Gas Inlet Unit:

● Diameter – 6 mm

● Cooling gas excess pressure – 0.1 – 0.15 atm